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How do you recharge during a hectic school day?

Sounds simple, even trite, but I find some time without any students around, close my eyes, go inward, and breathe. It's very refreshing! I don't think it's healthy to have students in your room all day long. For me, anyway, I need some time alone, some downtime to reflect and recharge.

Meghan Sylvester, Marysville, Washington


I get a free, personalized, positive message from and it lifts my spirits. Here's an example of one—"No matter what you want, Shirley, you already have what it takes." Shirley Hanusek, Santa Clarita, California

I take a hike outdoors at lunch hour. It helps me keep perspective and I feel refreshed for the afternoon. Sigrid Grace, Rochester Hills, Michigan

It's never easy when you have the same students all day, but when they go to Specials, I get away for a cup of coffee, sit, and have peace for a few minutes. It's a long walk to the staff lounge, which is usually empty then, so I get exercise along the way. Gayle Mullins, Fort Myers, Florida

I'm up at 5:30 a.m. and exercise before school. I go for a walk during my prep, which helps get the good old oxygen in. Alfred Massicotte, Marlborough, Massachusetts

It's been difficult for me to recharge by taking time out, so I came up with an idea that can take mere seconds, and I can do it many times during the day. I have a picture of my daughter that makes me smile every time I look at it. I also framed a thank you note from a parent that almost makes me cry (in a good way). Finally, I wrote some of my favorite quotes on index cards so I can read one at different times during the day. Here's one of many: "Are you living a life of action or reaction?" Just looking at the photo, the note, and an index card, I am recharged from the inside out. Laura Sanchez, Corona, New York

I read my emails from the "Intenders and the Messengers Circle," which gives me valuable insight into what's happening in my life on a spiritual level. I also spend time outside because that nurtures my soul. Cynthia Kritikos, Las Vegas, Nevada


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