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Searching For a Cure

It's been a tough flu season. My wife got it this year. So did her boss, a number of our relatives, and lots of kids we know. So, likewise, did several of my colleagues, and, chances are, so did several of yours. There's never a good time to catch the flu, especially when someone is counting on you. We salute substitutes and those of you who pulled double duty to cover a colleague's illness.

As you read this, the flu season is just about over, but there's still an epidemic in our schools—the attrition of new educators as they leave the profession after only a few years. What's ailing them? Our cover story looks at the top reasons they're giving up on public education and offers ways to cure the system and keep talented educators (teachers and paraprofessionals) in the classroom.

And, if the prospect of dealing with difficult parents makes you ill, check out Try This.

Editor Doug Walker

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