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It’s Not Just Your Vote That Counts

All politics may not really be local, but local politics rarely is dull. Consider the governor races we profile on page 26. There, you’ll find the Amway heir who’s bankrolling school voucher efforts across the country, a state official accused of helping tip the scales in the 2004 presidential election, and, of course, a certain California governor whose mixed reviews didn’t stop after he quit playing monosyllabic cyborgs on the silver screen.  

Local color aside, the issues involved in statehouse races this fall are serious business—attacks on pensions, the ongoing privatization push, and the so-called “65 percent solution” are all on the plate in many states—maybe even yours. 

Fear not, though. We know you’re busy—really busy—but there are ways to help fight for public education, even if you don’t want to leave your house (or get out of your pjs, for that matter). 

Send an e-mail. Talk to friends. Host a house party. It’s easy, and it pays off. Just ask Colorado teacher Mary Beth Solano, whose story about a child hurt by NCLB went from the Web to the halls of Congress. Or Larry Nelson, who parlayed his years as a middle school teacher to become mayor of his Wisconsin town. Neither needed a family fortune or a film career to make a difference. And neither, it turns out, do you.

Editor Mark Toner

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