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Trust Your Ability

Introducing his book, Soul of a Citizen, Paul Rogat Loeb tells the story of Pete Knutson, a friend and fisherman who objected to the degradation of his working environment, got some people to join him, and eventually beat back a ballot initiative supported by two large corporations.

"It takes energy to act," Knutson said. "But it's more draining to bury your anger, convince yourself you're powerless, and swallow whatever's handed to you." 

Many of us would like to see change at some level—the government in Washington or our local school board, the way our coworkers or students are treated, the level of stress in our lives. However, in Loeb's words, "We mistrust our own ability to make a difference." 

But we can make a difference—with our vote. Be sure you're registered, and go exercise your privilege. We urge you to vote for candidates and ballot measures the NEA and its state and local affiliates have recommended in support of public education. Vote your own issues and your own conscience. But don't let election results happen to you. Make a difference. Vote.


Editor Doug Walker

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