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Get off the Sidelines

Politics in our great country has, unfortunately, devolved into a spectator sport. Our cover story, however, profiles a number of your colleagues who understand that they can have a say in policies that regulate their classrooms, workplaces, and communities by helping select the policymakers. They're volunteering time and finding other ways to support candidates of their choice at various levels of government from both major political parties. Some are active in ballot initiative campaigns as well.

We urge you to go and do likewise. In one of the most important, and surely one of the most interesting, national elections in recent memory, each of us has an opportunity to send to office friends of public education who, regardless of party affiliation, will look out for the interests of our colleagues and the students we serve.

I know it seems the campaign season will never end. But getting out and making a difference may make it pass much faster.

Editor Doug Walker


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