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Thought & Action Fall 2008


Overview (, 174 KB, 2pp)
Con Lehane

You Say Multitasking Like It’s a Good Thing (, 236 KB, 8pp)
Charles J. Abaté

The Civil Classroom in the Age of the Net (, 471 KB, 8pp)
P.M. Forni

Scholarly Voice and Professional Identity in the Internet Age (, 271 KB, 12pp) 
Douglas Harrison

How California State University Faculty United to Win (, 554 KB, 12pp)
Lance Newman

Seeking the Path to Adjunct Justice at Marquette University (, 276 KB, 10pp)
Daniel C. Maguire

The Assessment Edict and the Love of Teaching (, 252 KB, 4pp)
Gregg Primo Ventello

Is Outcomes Assessment Hurting Higher Education? (, 258 KB, 10pp)
James F. Pontuso and Saranna R. Thornton

Curriculum,Technology, and Higher Education (, 274 KB, 10pp)
Chad Hanson

Controlling Grade Inflation (, 384 KB, 8pp)
Alexander Stanoyevitch


The Seamless Web of Education Pre-K to Graduate School (, 127 KB, 2pp)

An Interview with NEA President Dennis Van Roekel (, 219 KB, 10pp)

Higher Education and Public School in Twenty-First Century America (, 252 KB, 10pp)
Leon Botstein

Secondary Schools and Colleges Must Work Together (, 301 KB, 12pp)
Michael W. Kirst

Higher Education and the P-16 Movement: What Is To Be Done? (, 277 KB, 12pp)
Roger P. Davis and Jerry L. Hoffman

The Tangled Web of Standardized Test Culture (, 404 KB, 8pp)
Amber Vayo


Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (, 208 KB, 4pp)
A Review of Higher Education and the Civil Rights Movement: White Supremacy, Black Southerners, and College Campuses
By Peter Wallenstein
Reviewed by: Joan Malczewski

A Terrible Thing to Waste (, 209 KB, 4pp)
A Review of Envisioning Black Colleges: A History of the United Negro College Fund
By Marybeth Gasman
Reviewed by: Jana Nidiffer

Attention Must Be Paid (, 208 KB, 4pp)
A Review of The Conditions for Admission: Access, Equity, and the Social Contract of Public Universities
By John Aubrey Douglass
Reviewed by: Mark F. Smith

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