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Thought & Action Fall 2007


Overview (, 166 KB, 2pp)
Con Lehane

Workload Issues and Measures of Faculty Productivity (, 1.8 MB, 14pp)
Barbara K. Townsend and Vicki J. Rosser

Shaping the Professoriate One Class at a Time (, 1 MB, 8pp)
Rita Sommers-Flanagan and Donald P. Christi

What Counts as Assessment in the 21st Century? (, 2.2 MB, 9pp)
Ken Buckman

Smart Classrooms Cannot Replace Remarkable Professors (, 1.3 MB, 7pp)
Miles Groth

When the Academic World and the Real World Meet (, 3 MB, 9pp)
David Svetlik

Special Focus: Will the Past Define the Future?

Expectations and Reality in American Higher Education (, 1.4 MB, 12pp)
John R. Thelin

NEA Higher Education: 150 Years and Growing (, 238 KB, 12pp)
Christine Maitland

Academic Freedom and the Liberation of the Nation's Faculty (, 480 KB, 11pp)
Michael S. Pak

NEA and the Educational Policies Commission (, 607 KB, 12pp)
Wayne Urban

The Truman Commission's Vision on the Future (, 612 KB, 9pp)
Philo A. Hutcheson

The Honorable Past and Uncertain Future of the Nation's HBCUs (, 247 KB, 14pp)
M. Christopher Brown II and Ronyelle Bertrand Ricard

Women of Color in American Higher Education (, 3.9 MB, 8pp)
Stephanie Y. Evans


The Continuing Class Divide (, 199 KB, 3pp)
A Review of "Tearing Down the Gates: Confronting the Class Divide in American Education"
By Peter Sacks
Reviewed by Caroline Eick

Goodbye, Professor Chips (, 203 KB, 4pp)
A Review of "What Ever Happened to the Faculty? Drift and Decision in Higher Education"
By Mary Burgan
Reviewed by Gary Rhoades

Le plus ça change... (, 195 KB, 2pp)
A Review of "What's Happening to Public Higher Education?"
By Ronald G. Ehrenberg
Reviewed by Mark F. Smith

Champions of Freedom (, 198 KB, 3pp)
A Review of "Black Women in the Ivory Tower, 1850-1954: An Intellectual History
By Stephanie Y. Evans
Reviewed by Marybeth Gasman


Letters to the editor (, 159 KB, 5pp)

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