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NEA Annual Meeting Delegates Elect Six New Leaders

Greg Johnson and Joyce Powell join NEA Executive Committee

SAN DIEGO - July 05, 2009 -

Educators from Oklahoma and New Jersey will join the National Education Association’s Executive Committee, the nine-member governing body that oversees the administration of  NEA’s programs and services.  Greg Johnson and Joyce Powell were elected by more than 10,000 educators, gathered in San Diego, CA, for NEA’s 2009 Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly.  Johnson and Powell will begin serving three-year terms on September 1, 2009. 
Greg Johnson has been a classroom teacher for 24 years, serving for the last 20 at Mustang High School in Mustang, OK, where he is currently a full-time choir director.  Johnson has held several leadership positions on the state and local level, including the Western Region’s representative on the Mission, Vision, and Core Values Editing Committee, the Annual Review Committee and the 2008 NEA-RA Board Steering Committee.

“My skills of bringing people together and my ability to “give voice” will be useful in making sure that we are successful in fulfilling the promise of public education, uniting our members and advocating for all education professionals,” said Johnson.  “I want to make sure that Great Public Schools are a basic right throughout this great nation.”

Joyce Powell is president of the New Jersey Education Association, an NEA affiliate with over 200,000 members. She began her teaching career in 1973 as a teacher of emotionally disturbed children at the Barse Elementary School in Vineland, NJ, and spent the next seven years teaching in elementary schools throughout the state. Since 1980, Powell has taught computer math, English, vocational training, health, and inclusion U.S. History at Vineland High School South.

“I am very excited to serve as a member of the NEA Executive Committee,” said Powell. “I’ve spent my career as a public education advocate and I’m eager to take that advocacy to the national level where I can serve NEA members across country.”

Kay Hansen (WI), Maury Koffman (MI) and Michael Musser (CA) were elected to three positions on the NEA Board of Directors as ESP members At-large. Patrick Nicholson (WA) was elected as an ESP At-Large Alternate, these three-years terms also begin in September.  

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee are responsible for the general policies and interests of the Association and subject to policies established by the Rep¬resentative Assembly; members derive their au¬thority from NEA’s Constitution and Bylaws.
The Board of Directors consists of at least one director from each associa¬tion affiliated with NEA as a state affili¬ate plus an additional director for every 20,000 NEA Active members in the state, six directors for the Retired members of the Association, and three directors for the Student members of the Association.

The NEA Executive Committee consists of nine members—three executive officers and six members elected at large by the Representative Assembly.   The committee is responsible for guiding NEA policy and acts for the NEA Board of Directors in between its four regularly scheduled meetings each year.

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