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Save the School Libraries!

You can help NEA create great public school libraries for every student.

In 2005, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma not only destroyed or damaged schools along the Gulf Coast, but also destroyed school and classroom libraries.

In response, the National Education Association, together with The NEA Foundation, First Book, and the Heart of America Foundation, created NEA’s Books Across America, a national program to provide much needed funds and books to the devastated school libraries.

Today, NEA’s Books Across America is setting its sights on disadvantaged public school libraries around the country—and that’s where you come in. NEA Retired members have proven themselves to be generous, trusted, resourceful members of their communities, just the kind of folks who can make NEA’s vision of a great public school library for every student a reality.

Here are some things you can do to get us one step closer:

1. Coordinate a fundraiser or new book drive for NEA’s Books Across America.

2. Are you online? Ask your friends or community to add NEA’s Books Across America and the NEA Foundation to their Facebook pages.

3. Spread the word about NEA’s Books Across America to the media and public.

4. Let struggling public school libraries know they can apply for a $1,000 grant by going to the NEA Foundation Web site at www. The Pearson Foundation has generously agreed to match the $1,000 grant with $1,000 in books from Penguin and DK Books!

5. Go to  or to find out how you can volunteer.

We know that every student deserves a great public school and a great public school library. Go to for news and information about the program, or to make a donation, go to


Medicare rates for 2010

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service recently released the 2010 Medicare cost-sharing amounts in October. A handy summary of next year’s deductible, co-insurance, and premium amounts is posted on the Center for Medicare Advocacy Web site at

Most beneficiaries will see no increase in their Medicare Part B monthly premium due to the “hold harmless” provision of the Social Security Act, which prevents any increase in Part B premiums for qualifying Social Security recipients (with a 2009 modified adjusted gross income of less than $85,000 for individual, $170,000 for a couple) if their cost of living adjustment is not large enough to cover the increase of the Part B premium. No one is expected to receive such an adjustment next year.

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