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Thought & Action Fall 2009


Overview (, 42 KB, 2pp)
Con Lehane

Eight Lessons: Becoming the Great Teacher You Already Are (, 133 KB, 8pp)
Mary A. Armstrong

Reflections on Teaching: Meaningful Scribbles (, 146 KB, 8pp)
Fay Maas

The Summer Flood: The Invisible Gap Among Low-income Students (, 183KB, 12pp)
Karen Arnold, Shezwae Fleming, Mario DeAnda, Benjamin Castleman, and Katherine Lynk Wartman

John Hope Franklin: In Memoriam (, 109 KB, 3pp)
Kevin Gaines

The Calculus of Friendship (, 473 KB, 12pp)
Steven Strogatz

Cultural Literacy: Is it Time to Revisit the Debate? (, 114 KB, 6pp)
Bernard Schweizer

A World of White and Snowy Scents”: Teaching Whiteness (, 813KB, 8 pp)
Dave Iasevoli

Teaching in the Line of Fire: Faculty of Color in the Academy (, 158 KB, 10 pp)
Frank Tuitt, Michele Hanna, Lisa M. Martinez, María del Carmen Salazar, and Rachel Griffin

Poverty and its Impact on Education:Today and Tomorrow (, 146 KB, 7pp)
Theresa Capra


Introduction (, 30 KB, 1pp)
Tom Auxeter

Who Are These Economists, Anyway? (, 211 KB, 13pp)
James K. Galbraith

The Long Path to Higher Education for African Americans (, 233 KB, 12pp)
Troy Duster

Academic Freedom Requires Constant Vigilance (, 122 KB, 10pp)
Kim Emery

Dreaming and the University as a Way of Life (, 81KB, 6pp)
Dolores M. Byrnes

Building an Activist Union: The Massachusetts Society of Professors (, 201 KB, 13pp)
Max Page and Dan Clawson

Wouldn’t a New Progressive Era Require Faculty Equity? (, 157 KB, 10pp)
Steve Street

Making the Next Generation Our Greatest Resource (, 141 KB, 12pp)
Sarita E. Brown

Improving the Status of Women in the Academy (, 141 KB, 8pp)
Michele V. Gee and Sue Margaret Norton


Welcome to the Learner-Centered Classroom (, 51 KB, 3pp)
A Review of Teaching Unprepared Students: Strategies for Promoting Success and Retention in Higher Education
By Kathleen F. Gabriel
Reviewed by: Virginia S. Lee

It Wasn’t the Academy’s Finest Hour (, 53 KB, 3pp)
A Review of The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower: Complicity and Conflict on American Campuses
By Stephen H Norwood
Reviewed by: Philo Hutcheson

Of the People, By the People, For the People (, 58 KB, 4pp)
A Review of Unmaking the Public University: The Forty-Year Assult
on the Middle Class
BY Christopher Newfield
Crossing the Finish Line: Completing College at America’s Public
BY William G Bowen, Matthew M Chingos, and Michael S. McPherson
Reviewed by: Mark Smith

Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs (, 53 KB, 4pp)
A Review of Higher Learning, Greater Good: The Private and Social Benefits of Higher Education
BY Walter W McMhaon
Reviewed by: Adrianna Kezar

Letters to the editor (, 66 KB, 5pp)

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