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You’ve got the looks!

Show us the expressions you use to get results from students.

The facial muscles of educators get a workout every day. Joy! Frustration. Disappointment. Surprise!


Amber Sterns draws from an array of expressions to help get the idea across to her English Language Learners.

Photo by Robert Ervin

The best educators can quiet an unruly class with a look. These “teacher looks” also can convey support and quiet appreciation, or when concepts are difficult for your students to learn, they can reinforce lessons.

“I really like using facial expressions,” says Nebraska’s Amber Sterns, a kindergarten teacher of English Language Learners. “I’ve taught many lessons that would have been extremely boring if there wasn’t a little overacting and drama involved!” Plus, with her little ones’ limited understanding of English, it’s sometimes hard to get her point across.

“I’m sure between my body language, singing, and drawings, I look a bit ridiculous to some, but I’ll try anything!” she says.

We want to see your best faces (or those of your colleagues) too. Please send us your “teacher looks,” good and bad, stern and sunny, so that we can share them with your colleagues. Make sure to explain how you use each expression, in what situations, and how your students react to it.

The best photos will be used in an upcoming issue of NEA Today – and, if you’re among them, we’ll send you an NEA Today mug. (If you make the cover, we’ll send you a framed cover too!)

Just go to our easy Flickr site to get started.

Three things to remember:

1. Take the photos in as high resolution as possible.

2. Do not forget to leave your name and contact information in the caption.

3. And explain, please, what this look is about!

Put your best face forward! Visit our Flickr site today!


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