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Shout It Out

High school musical...with an edge.

The story of teenagers making their way through high school is nothing new, but “Shout it Out: The Voices Movie Project,” is a raw and revealing look at how a community of teenagers struggles to overcome everything from drug abuse, body issues, and racial and sexual identity, to pregnancy, domestic violence, and suicide.

The stories are real – the movie is based on interviews with more than 1,000 teenagers.

“We hope adults will learn from these very personal, powerful stories,” says producer Bess O’Brien.

The movie and an accompanying study guide is now available to educators. The 34-page study guide was produced through a series of workshops with educators, counselors, health professionals, and teenagers.

To find out how to order a DVD of the movie and the study guide -- normally $150.00 but available to NEA members at a discount of 120.00 -- send an email to the film's director and producer, Bess O'Brien, at or call Kingdom County Productions 802-592-3190.

Praise for Shout it Out

“The film is filled with talent, exuberance and energy!”
The Burlington Free Press

“The real story behind Vermont teenage lives!”
The Barton Chronicle

“Shout it Out should be seen in every town, every school and every part of the country!”
Hardwick Gazette

“A tour de force—a critically important film for adults and youth to see!”
Angelo Dorta Vermont National Education Association VTNEA


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