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In Your Words - If you could switch jobs with another educator, what would you try?

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As a small town high school counselor, I’ve never worked in a city larger than 20,000. I’d love to try a day at a large urban school. Our small, homogeneous student body is predominantly White and middle class, and I’m always challenged to show kids the value of travel, risk-taking, and diversity in friendships. I’d like to demonstrate by getting out of my own comfort zone, making new friends, and knowing the enrichment that comes by experiencing a different environment.  

Cathy Tyink
West Salem, Wisconsin

My daughter and her family live in the Highlands area of Aspen.

My dream exchange would be with Aspen High School. This district spends $10,862 per student; in Idaho, we average $6,152. In Aspen, students participate in service, adventure, and cultural trips that are designed to educate the whole child.

Wow! What does that look like?

I know they have a reading specialist, and I am so interested in their curriculum. I have been the Coeur d ‘Alene High School reading specialist for seven years, and this is my first year with a curriculum!

In a time of cutbacks and few in-service opportunities, I’d find this possibility exciting and full of learning opportunities

Bette Price
Coeur d ‘Alene, Idaho

I’m a 6th-grade core teacher (English/history), and if I could change jobs for one day, it would be with a physical education teacher. You don’t have to correct tons of papers; you get to dress comfortably; you don’t need neat handwriting; you get to know all the kids in school; you normally teach only one skill per day; and, above all, you still get a prep each day!

Melissa Fisher
Dublin, California

Changing age groups would be both fun and enlightening. As a high school special educator, I would like to spend a day in the middle or elementary schools. A day in someone else’s shoes would answer a lot of questions about the joys and challenges of other age groups and the people who teach them.

Tarrance Lasher
Richmondville, New York

I teach health sciences, but I have always been fascinated with English literature. I have a history of working with psych patients, and all of the great characters of major literary works have psychological issues. I’d love to point out the correlations of the characters’ issues to what my students are studying in the health sciences. I even have a display up now of the “Clinical Diagnosis of Macbeth.”

Kelli Doby
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I would change jobs with a high school head football coach. I have a great love for football and my competitive juices flow often. I would love the chance to help shape and mold a football team into an accomplished bunch of young men who win with character and give their best effort in the pursuit of excellence.  

Mark Cohen
Huntington Beach, California

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