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Van Roekel urges Congress to do the right thing

WASHINGTON - March 19, 2010 -

As Congress edges closer to the historic passage of health care reform legislation, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel appealed to the undecideds Friday.  The following statement can be attributed to NEA President Dennis Van Roekel:

“Congress has the unique opportunity of saving 30,000 lives per year and granting affordable, quality health care to more than 31 million additional Americans.  For Members of Congress who are leaning against voting for the most historic healthcare legislation in 50 years, our members have one thing to say: 'This is your chance. This is the most important test and it is not multiple choice. There is only one right answer.'

“During the past year, health care reform has been debated in the media, in supermarket aisles and over coffee at the local deli.  It’s time to stop debating, and start the nation on a course that will meet the unmet medical needs of millions, reduce the deficit and guarantee long-term health security for middle class families.

“The 3.2 million members of the NEA strongly urge the undecided members of Congress to step up to the plate and do something that can make a real difference in the lives of some 8 million uninsured children."

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