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Why I’m a Member—Fall Church, Virginia

Laura Wells
Michael Palermo

Falls Church, Virginia

When Laura Wells and Michael Palermo sat down in a Washington, D.C., coffee shop a few years ago, they had a single shared passion: teaching. How do you get your kids to love learning? How do you respect-fully, creatively engage them? But when they left—after four hours—they had a new shared interest: each other. You might wonder, “Who introduced this perfect couple?” Well... This magazine in your hands isn’t just a great source of Association news—it also delivers love!

In September 2006, Wells, a Falls Church, Virginia, middle school teacher, read an NEA Today story about an innovative high school educator in Arlington, Virginia, and thought, “Hmm, he looks familiar!” In fact, Palermo had student-taught at Wells’ old high school a decade earlier. They began an email correspondence, two years later were engaged, and then married this past spring. To love!

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