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Publisher's Note

What are the qualities of a superhero?

One year, on a big state testing day, my then eight-year-old’s lunchbox burst open in the scurry to the all-purpose room, and all the contents spilled to the floor. Ms. Bond, who works in the cafeteria, quickly swooped in, provided a substitute lunch, and all hunger pangs (and worse, embarrassment) were swept away.  

That was the headline news at dinner—not the test. Ms. Bond was our superhero. And with her compassionate professionalism, she contributed as much as other school staff to my daughter doing well that day.

There’s a new spotlight for everyday heroes like this at Tell one and all to nominate the many educators who deserve recognition.

Classroom Superheroes is also a section of this new edition of NEA Today magazine, which is now a quarterly magazine. On there’s daily education news, while offers an even wider range of information. Plus, NEA Today is on Facebook and Twitter. We’re aiming to be your information superhero.

—Publisher, Leona Hiraoka 

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