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Editor’s Note

We’ve Put On A Little Weight

We hope you noticed.

It’s a time of belt-tightening for many of us, and NEA Today is no exception. To trim costs, we won’t be sending you issues quite as often, but once a quarter you’ll receive a heftier magazine with more features, more resources, and a new index to help you keep up with it all—a substantive, engaging magazine you can enjoy with a cup of coffee when you catch a break. That is, if you can catch a break.

If you miss us in between issues of the magazine (and we hope you do), we e-mail the monthly NEA Today Express newsletter year round.  It’s full of classroom tips, education news, and more written just for you. To sign-up, please click here.  For daily news updates on the education profession, bookmark And don’t forget to follow NEA Today on Twitter and fan us on Facebook

Do these extra pages make the magazine look fat?

Doug Walker

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