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Editor's Note

It’s back to school for educators, students–and parents


As  the summer ends, teachers and education support professionals head back to school to educate America. Students, armed with new backpacks and enthusiasm, are busy immersing themselves in that most important of activities—learning.


As educators, you are keenly aware of the vital role that parents play as partners in their children’s success at school. But you are also aware of the challenge of getting parents involved. So, in this issue of NEA Today, we highlight the successful efforts of NEA members in fostering greater involvement by parents in their children’s education, a proven variable in raising student achievement.

And there’s no better time than the start of the school year to begin building relationships with parents.


“Parent Partnership Solutions” offers NEA member-led solutions to bridging the communication gap between schools and parents that can hinder student success. 


“Home Visits Yield Hope and Cooperation”  details the success of the Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project,which brings together parents, educators, and students to promote a better understanding of student expectations both at home and at school.


We hope you will find these articles and the other information offered in this issue useful throughout the new school year.



Steven Grant 


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