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NEA President: Gov. Snyder’s so-called ‘right to work’ for less law is wrong for Michigan

WASHINGTON - December 11, 2012 -

A few hours after the Republican-controlled legislature in Michigan passed two misleadingly-named “right to work” bills, Gov. Rick Snyder signed them into law, ignoring the pleas of more than 17,000 Michiganders who peacefully spoke up against the governor’s power grab today in Lansing.

The following is a statement from NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.

“The so-called ‘right to work’ for less law Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law today is wrong for Michigan. With the stroke of a pen, Governor Snyder willfully ignored the will of thousands of people and took a step towards silencing the voices of workers from a state that is widely considered the birthplace of the modern labor movement.

“The mislabeled law will push the state’s ailing economy in the wrong direction and drive wages down for working families at a time when we should focus on working together to create more jobs and continue moving the state forward. 

“Passed by the Republican-controlled legislature in less than a week during ‘lame duck’ session with no public hearings, the law unfairly tips the scales against hardworking Michiganders because it’s designed to give corporate CEOs such as the Koch brothers even more power at the expense of those who teach our children, protect our communities, keep us healthy, and build our roads and vehicles. 

“Instead of focusing on what voters elected him to do—to create jobs and get the state’s economy going—Gov. Snyder is tearing the state apart with his divisive political tactics aimed at silencing the voices of hardworking families.” 


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