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Official NEA's Read Across America Logo and Usage Guidelines

Planning a Read Across event? Be sure to read our official logo and usage guidelines and brush up on Dr. Seuss licensing issues.

Everyone loves our logo, and with good reason—the Cat in the Hat is a superstar! You may download and reproduce the logo for use in your NEA's Read Across America event provided that you observe the following guidelines.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises has licensed to NEA limited use of the Cat in the Hat for NEA's Read Across America logo. The following guidelines are provided to assist you with proper usage of our logo. Your compliance with these guidelines will ensure NEA's continued use of the Cat in the Hat to promote NEA's Read Across America.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Grant at . Your question will be researched and promptly answered.


  1. Use the logo only to promote NEA's Read Across America program, which includes promoting your events/activities. The logo may not be used for any other purpose. (We have no rights to use any other Dr. Seuss characters or art. Violation of this restriction could jeopardize our rights to use the logo.)
  2. Do not use our logo with the logo of any business or sponsor (e.g., McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and other companies).
  3. Do not use the logo for any commercial purpose. Thus, you must avoid stores and other sponsors selling their products in conjunction with the logo. (For example, "Buy one, get one free" promotions in honor of NEA's Read Across America are not permissible.)
  4. Use the copyright and trademark notice (exactly as it appears with the logo) on absolutely everything that contains the logo—and the notice must be readable.The copyright notice must read: TM & © 1997 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. and NEA. Cat in the Hat image TM & © 1957 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All Rights Reserved.
  5. Use the logo only as it appears. The logo may not be modified in any way except that it may be reduced or enlarged in size to fit the space available.

Dr. Seuss Licensing Issues: Frequently Asked Questions

Please read te following guidelines as they relate to questions frequently asked about Dr. Seuss licensing issues.


Ordering a cake for a celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday can add some fun to your NEA's Read Across America activities. We suggest having the cake decorated with wording such as "Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss." Unfortunately, cake decorations cannot include any Dr. Seuss characters such as the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, Sam I Am, etc. NEA's license agreement with Dr. Seuss Enterprises does not permit the use of any trademarked Dr. Seuss characters in this manner. This includes the NEA's Read Across America logo.

Event sponsorship by local businesses or local stores of national chains (such as Barnes and Noble, Pizza Hut, etc.)

Often times, local businesses are anxious to be involved in your NEA's Read Across America events. This is a good way to build relationships between your local association (or school) and the business community. It is permissible to hold an event at a local bookstore. As well, it is permissible for a Pizza Hut or McDonald's, etc., to donate refreshments for your NEA's Read Across America event.

What you must keep in mind is that the NEA's Read Across America logo cannot be used in any way that could imply endorsement of that business by Dr. Seuss Enterprises. So, for example, you cannot post a large banner or sign with the NEA's Read Across America logo and the logo of the local business. You can, however, thank the business for their donation of refreshments, etc., with a sign, in newsletters, etc. If an event/activity is held in a local bookstore or other business, there can be no requirement for those participating to make a purchase of any kind.

Identifying a local association or school with NEA's Read Across America logo

You are encouraged to include the name of your local association and/or school along with NEA's Read Across America logo. Including your local's name with the logo is a great way to build visibility and an image for your local. Also, it is important to remember that Read Across America IS an NEA program, so we encourage you to make sure that your activities/events are always branded as NEA's Read Across America.


Having an entire class dressed in the same T-shirt adds a very nice visual effect for your event, in addition to everyone wearing a Cat in the Hat hat. Unfortunately, it is not permissible to have any T-shirts made using the NEA's Read Across America logo or any Dr. Seuss character. Be creative and design your own T-shirt. So long as it adheres to this guideline, there are no restrictions on using T-shirts for your events.

Thank you for reading these guidelines, and for your cooperation. Now that you're familiar with the requirements, please feel free to use our Cat in the Hat logo in your NEA's Read Across America events.


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