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Join Our Annual Meeting Flickr Group

Voting on a resolution at the 2011 Representative Assembly.
This photo was contributed to the 2011 Annual Meeting group photo pool on by "Stephieand." View all photos from the 2011 group pool.

View & Share Photos of the 2012 Annual Meeting

The past few years, our photos of the Annual Meeting have been quite popular. As we did last year, we're again extending our photo coverage of the Annual Meeting to include everyone's photos - yours, too!

RA Delegate Photo Pool

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2012 Annual Meeting & RA Photo Pool

We have a public group on the photo-sharing Web site, Flickr, where you can view scores of photos taken by other attendees and share your own. (If you're new to Flickr, see the instructions below on how you can participate.)

    5 Steps to Photo Sharing

    • Create a free Flickr account.
      If you don't already have a Flickr account, you can create one. Don't worry: it's free, quick and easy. Start here: Afterwards, you'll have your own, personal web page on where you can add your own photos and share them with family and friends.
    • Snap pictures of the Annual Meeting.
      Use your cell phone or digital camera to take pictures of interesting people, places and things around the Annual Meeting.
    • Add pictures to your Flickr page.
      Once you've snapped a few pictures of the Annual meeting, add those pictures to your personal Flickr page. Be sure to tag your photos with term "2012ra" so they will be found via a search of that keyword. All photos of the Annual Meeting are welcome.
    • Join NEA's Flickr group.
      In the weeks to come we'll set up a group photo pool where everyone can share their photos. Check out our 2012 Group Photo Pool.
    • Share your photos in NEA's Flickr group.
      Go to your personal Flickr page and click into one of your photos of the Annual Meeting. You will notice a link over the photo: "Send to Group." Click and choose "NEA Annual Meeting 2012." That's it! You're done!

    Delegate Photos of 2011 Annual Meeting & RA


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