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Online Toolkit: Media Tips

A good relationship with your community's media is critical to the success of your American Education Week project. Building relationships means contacting producers, editors, and reporters at your local cable television shows, radio talk shows, newspapers, and magazines.

Your persistent media relations efforts will generate local and regional print and broadcast publicity. You can successfully deliver your local American Education Week message by crafting an effective strategy. Sometimes that means "out-of-the-box" thinking—perhaps something with an unconventional news hook.

Here some guidelines. Tailor these ideas to best fit your American Education Week promotion needs.

Working with the Media

Media Outreach Ideas

Writing a Press Release

A press release communicates the details and important information associated with your event and/or activity. It also informs readers what the event or issue is, why your news is important, who is involved or making a statement, and how readers can get more information.

Because reporters receive hundreds of press releases every day, your release should cut through the clutter. Catch the attention of busy readers. Be simple, concise, and factual. Here are some tips on writing a press release. (View sample press releases)

Distributing Your Press Release

Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful distribution of your press release:

Developing a Press Kit

A press kit provides reporters with comprehensive background information about American Education Week and the activities you may be planning. A press kit is generally comprised of the following elements:

Other elements to consider include one-page documents that: