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Teachers Talk

To honor our remarkable teachers and the work they do, we are presenting three NEA members talking about what inspires them as teachers. The recordings are part of a project called “TeachersTalk.”

To make sure teacher voices are heard, TeachersCount and an NPR Connecticut affiliate recorded the teachers talking about what teaching means to them. These teachers and others can be heard at TeachersTalk on the TeachersCount web site.

We will be adding more teachers to this page through next week in honor of National Teacher Day.

Justin Darnell

Justin Darnell is a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Bryant Webster ECE-8 in Denver, Colorado. The Denver Classroom Teachers Association member was selected as the 2010 Colorado Teacher of the Year.

Want to know more about Justin Darnell? Read more about him at the Colorado Education Association web site

TeachersCount Audio [1:05 min]

Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker is an English teacher at East High School in Youngstown, Ohio.  She served as the 2009 Ohio Teacher of the Year.

Want to know more about Jennifer Walker? Listen to her speak at the Ohio Education Association 2009 RA (9:50 min). 


 TeachersCount Audio [1:12 min]

Bridget Zick

Bridget Zick is a kindergarten teacher at Bertha Ronzone Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada.


TeachersCount Audio [1:06 min]


Teachers Talk

What Inspires You As a Teacher?

What motivates and inspires you in the classroom?

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