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From Charleston to Miami: Cat-a-Van Tour 3

Making stops to celebrate reading in Charlotte, Atlanta, and Orlando

Bringing Books and Smiles Across the Miles...

Students at Watts Elementary in Charleston, West Virginia, were the first in the East to be visited by the Cat in the Hat, along with friends Thing 1 and Thing 2, as part of NEA's Read Across America Cat-a-Van tour.

Sponsored by Renaissance Dental, the tour kicked off on Monday morning, with NEA Executive Committee member Princess Moss leading the reading celebration. The students joined Moss, West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee and West Virginia Education Association Executive Director David Haney in reading Green Eggs and Ham and learning a new equation to keep them healthy: two minutes of brushing, two times a day and reading for 20 minutes equals a healthy body and mind.

Helping students learn that lesson was the Cat in the Hat, who arrived to a cheering assembly of students.

Posing for photos and handing out high fives, the Cat in the Hat topped off a great morning during which the school received $1,000 from Read Across sponsor Renaissance Dental for their school libraries. In addition to the funding, every student got a goody bag filled with a Dr. Seuss book, toothbrush, two-minute timer for brushing and more.

In the afternoon, the Cat in the Hat and company was back on the road, this time, bringing books, goodies, and the reading celebration to students at Chamberlain Elementary School in Charleston.

The Cat Comes To Charlotte

Day 2 of the Cat-a-Van tour brought the Cat in the Hat and company to Thomasboro Academy and Reid Park Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Delivering high fives and hugs, the Cat in the Hat (with help from Thing 1 and 2 and representatives from NEA and Renaissance Dental) got students stoked to read every day and take care of their teeth. The Academies each reach received $1,000 for their libraries, courtesy of Renaissance Dental, and kids took home goody bags, complete with their own copy of The Cat in the Hat.

Georgia On Our Minds

Students at Knollwood Elementary and Toney Elementary Schools in Decatur were the next to be visited by the Cat-a-Van tour. Clad in signature stovepipe hats, students took the Read Across America Oath: "I promise to read each day and each night. And I promise to brush to keep my teeth white!" Executive Committee member Princess Moss and Georgia Association of Educators President Calvine Rollins gave a rousing reading of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. Students left the events smiling, with bags full of books, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Wrapping it up in Florida

The tour ended in Florida, bringing books, toothbrushes, and library funds to hundreds of excited students at Wicklow and Pine Crest Elementary schools in Sanford before rolling in for a Seuss-sational celebration at the Miami Children's Museum, attended by students from Paul Laurence Dunbar and Hibiscus Elementary Schools. Joining the tour were Seminole County Public Schools Superintendent Walt Griffin, Seminole Education Association President K.T. Caldwell, Florida Education Association president Andy Ford, Renaissance Dental's Tonya Fenimore, NEA Executive Committee member Joyce Powell, and NEA Student Program Chair David Tjaden, who delighted students with their renditions of Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat. With stovepipe hats and goody bags in hand, students returned to their schools, inspired to read daily and take good care of their teeth.

Oh, the Places We'll Go

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