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2013 Outreach Service Project

This year’s event will be a day of volunteering at Books For Africa, sorting and packing books. It will take place Monday, July 1.

There are 3 shifts:

  • 9:00 -12:00 
  • 12:00 - 3:00
  • All Day with a lunch break

Delegates can bring books of the following nature:

  • Popular or classic fiction and nonfiction reading books (soft and hard cover).
  • 20 years old or newer primary, secondary, and college textbooks (soft and hard cover).
  • 1995 or newer reference books such as encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  • 15 years old or newer medical, nursing, IT, and law books.
  • Bibles are sent when requested by African recipients.
  • School/office supplies—paper, pencils, pens, wall charts, maps, etc.

Volunteers Contact: Cathy Savage, 607-272-4287 or


Each year delegates to the NEA RA have the opportunity to volunteer part of their time by participating in organized activities that give back to the host community. The NEA Community Outreach Committee plans volunteer opportunities for the two days before the NEA RA. These opportunities may vary from city to city, but in past years the following activities have been available.

Contact information for each activity is included.

Food Bank Booth: Junka Ezkai
Volunteers will man the booth during the RA to talk to delegates, and collect contributions. Contributions of school supplies, books, toiletries, food, and money will be donated to local organizations.

Food Bank: Cathy Savage 
Volunteers will work at a local food bank. They may sort and organize food for distribution, build shelves, or whatever needs to be done.

Serve a Meal: Karen McInnis or 
Volunteers will help prepared and serve a meal to underprivileged community members through a shelter, mission, or other organization.

Habitat for Humanity and Restore: Mary Kennedy 
Volunteers will work at HFH Restore or build site, if one is available. Volunteers may paint, hammer, drill, put up siding, move dirt, or whatever is needed. If no HFH opportunity is available, the committee will do their best to find some other outdoor activity for volunteers.

Ronald McDonald House: Lynda Currington or 
Volunteers will help clean, paint, repair, or whatever is needed to be done at a local Ronald McDonald House.


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