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Tips For Completing an HCR Award Nomination Form

Please be sure to include the General Nomination Form with each Nomination

The following eight tips were developed to help you complete a nomination form:

  1. Type nomination form in Times New Roman, 12-point type.
  2. Submit all documentation in a 3-ring binder:
    • Nomination form
    • Organizing form
    • Photo
    • Supporting materials up to 20 single-sided (or 10 double-sided pages)
    • Résumé

    The nomination form, organizing form, and photo are not considered a part of the 20/10 page count for supporting materials. The résumé is considered part of the supporting materials. Please note that notebook dividers are counted as pages of supporting documentation if there is text or images on the divider page.

  3. Complete ALL information on the Nomination Form, including the NEA membership ID# or the last four digits of the social security number for the nominator and the nominee if eligible for membership.
  4. Type Résume in Times New Roman, 12-point type and limit to 4 single-sided or 2 double-sided pages.
  5. Include a current 8 x 10-inch professional quality photo of the nominee. (Scanned photos or photos printed from a computer are permitted). Print the nominee's name on the back of the photo.
  6. Use the Nomination Materials/Organizing Form to list all of the supporting materials. Please make sure that all items are numbered properly, labeled, and arranged in sequential order. Page numbers begin with the Criteria Eligibility Form of the award category.
  7. Appropriate supporting materials include newspaper, newsletter, and magazine articles; printed programs; up to 3 pages of certificates and/or citations; up to 3 letters of support (must be typewritten unless submitted by a student); photographs; and similar materials. Do not send bulky items such as trophies, plaques, or mounted certificates, however, the submission may include one compact disc, audiotape, or videotape (not to exceed 30 minutes in length) that is an example of the nominee’s work. If a newspaper, newsletter, magazine articles, et al. are submitted in the binder, each page counts toward your 20/10 pages; unless the item is placed in a protective sleeve cover, then only the front and back would be read and counted.
  8. Make a nomination for a specific award category. If you would like to nominate the same person for more than one category, submit a separate nomination application and supporting documentation for each category in a separate three ring binder.

If you have further questions, please contact Sabrina Tines, in the NEA Human and Civil Rights Department at (202) 822-7709.






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