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Digital Activist Passport – Your Ticket to Education Advocacy

At this year’s RA, there’s a world of opportunity to advocate for education with the Digital Activist passport. Never before has public education activism been more critical, and the passport makes getting involved easy with five basic steps.

First, pick up your passport from an NEA Digital Diplomat. You’ll find the diplomats in the Delegate Café and Delegate Computer Workroom as well as in the “RA Expo” exhibit hall at the Degrees Not Debt table, the Great Public Schools (GPS) Network Booth, and the Legislative Action Center booth.

Once you have your passport, you’re ready to travel the path of online education advocacy. Your first stop is Fill out the short form provided in the TASK 1 section to sign up to receive NEA Today and Education Votes email alerts, and pledge your support for the Degrees Not Debt campaign for college affordability.

Second, visit, follow the REGISTER link and create a Great Public Schools Network user account. The GPS network is an online community where teachers, parents, school support professionals, and community members share ideas and resources to improve student success.

Third, visit, select an education issue in the NEA Legislative Action Center that’s important to you and submit a message to your representatives in Congress asking for their support.

You’ll receive confirmation email messages after you visited and completed the tasks at each of the three passport destinations. Please retain these messages in your email inbox and present them to any NEA Digital Diplomat to verify task completion. The diplomat will then stamp your passport – after you’ve received three stamps, you get a Digital Activist commendation ribbon to show that you are a world-class education advocate.

Ready? Get started, get stamped, get active!

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