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Parental Involvement Tips

Students' homes and classrooms are the focal points of their learning experiences—from kindergarten through high school. Parents who work with teachers and students are critical partners in helping their child achieve success.

Parents set the example and the tone for their child's approach to education. When parents are engaged, interested and supportive in their child's learning, the child is more likely to succeed.

Bridging the divide between what is learned in the classroom to how it is relevant in day-to-day life is a critical role for parents. It brings meaning to their child's learning experience.

Parents can make learning real and ensure that students understand the importance of achieving.


  • Check out NEA's Read Across America for ideas to promote student achievement in reading.
  • When your child doesn't know a word in her reading books, should you tell her what it is? Should you teach your child the alphabet before he starts school? NEA's reading tips have the answers.

Study Habits

Here are a few ways to help your kids:

  • Read with your children regularly. Encourage them to read.
  • Let your children know that homework is their job. Make sure they do it.
  • Volunteer at your child's school.
  • Get to know your child's teacher. Attend parent-teacher conferences.
  • Discuss safety issues openly. Help make sure there aren't barriers to learning.


  • Do you read with your child regularly?
  • Do you talk with your child about homework assignments?
  • Have you volunteered at your child's school?
  • Do you know your child's teacher and have you been to the parent-teacher conference?
  • Do you know what your child thinks about the school environment?

Also take a look at Answers to Your Toughest Homework Questions ( 1p, 302k).

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Teachers need your help to do a first-class job. Working together, you can help your child have a successful school year. Parent Tips For Effective Parent/Teacher Conferences ( 1p, 459k) offers tips for a productive meeting.


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