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Organizing Campaign Launch Training

Click here to submit applications for the April 2016 Organizing Campaign Launch Training

The National Education Association’s Center for Organizing (C4O) Campaign Launch Training is a 3.5 day experience at a select local association that is currently hosting a C4O field organizing project.

Participant teams will work through numerous organizing skills and theories in a classroom setting while also having a chance to practice these skills in the field. The training aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Train participant teams in organizing skills.
  • Practice those skills in the field in an active local organizing campaign
  • Write an organizing plan to create positive change in the day-to-day lives of your members, potential members, and communities as a whole.
  • Work with the training team/coach to implement your plan once you return home.

Skill Development

Ever thought about being an organizer, and helping your local association to build strength and capacity? We’ll give you the skillset to make it happen! Just by being an educator, you more than likely use a lot of these techniques on a regular basis. We’ll work to refine them and help empower you to use them specifically around an organizing philosophy:

  • Story – Learn how we can use our own stories to motivate people to action.
  • Relationships – Discover your shared interests and diverse resources as a team and strengthen your commitment to shared action.
  • Structure – Build and refine leadership teams with clear roles, explicit norms, boundaries, coordination, and an articulated purpose that leads you towards taking action. 
  • Strategy – Draft a data-driven plan to strengthen and launch organizing campaigns with clear goals, metrics, and theory of change. 
  • Action – Learn concrete organizing skills to get commitments from people to join your campaign.

Field Experience

All participants will be required to participate in multiple field experiences throughout the training. This could range from going door to door to talk to members/potential members and community members, participating in worksite visits, attending local school board meetings, or other activities that help move the local’s campaign forward.

Team Structure

Each individual team is required to have 5 people. This is an intentional condition, as the stronger the team you build during the training, the easier it should be to implement your plan when you return home. Teams are also required to have one of the following as part of their team:

  • 1 UniServ Director/local staff person          
  • 1 Local Governance Member            
  • 1 State Affiliate designee (governance or staff)            
  • 1 rank and file member/member leader (Association Representative, Committee Chair, etc.)           
  • 1 member and/or potential member under the age of 35

After Training Follow Up

Teams will be required to participate in follow up events after the training which could include:

  • online virtual meet-ups via adobe connect and/or conference calls
  • 1:1s with training team members
  • in person experiences to help launch your campaign

How to Apply

The April 2016 Organizing Campaign Launch Training will take place at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA, from April 2 – 5, 2016. Applications can now be submitted online at the top of this page. The deadline to submit an application is Thursday, February 26, 2016. All teams who have submitted an application will receive a response by Thursday, March 4, 2016 regarding whether or not they have been selected to participate in the training.

Hihglights from the campaign victory that the Feb and March 2015 Organizing Campaign Launch Training teams worked on with the Loudoun Education Association (LEA). Both helped LEA achieve their first fully funded county-wide school budget since 2001.


"Thanks for including team participants from across several NEA Regions. The briefing and use of the MiniVan, as an organizing tool, was extremely helpful. Also, the Reception with the EBRAE local leaders the night before the school site visits was very helpful for volunteers as we prepared to enter buildings."

" This was one of the best Institutes that I have attended in the last year. I am grateful that my team was selected and even more grateful for the information and strategies that I can share with current leaders and with leaders yet to be identified."

"I have worked in UniServ for more than 20 years and I was energized and engaged. The trainers were knowledgeable and entertaining--important qualities in training adults! Thanks for the experience."

"This was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and to train with a member from my district. I greatly enjoyed learning about education and educator issues in LA. This knowledge will help me forming ways to approach issues in my own state."

"Very interesting experience. The Presenters were well prepared and this made the experience very helpful. LET'S DO IT AGAIN!"

"This experience was wonderfully organized and everyone did a great job presenting."

"My hope is that we remember the collective energy that we felt from this experience and project it to inspire our states and locals to create positive and necessary change."

"My hope is that we can draw on this experience for energy as we move forward to build power and create change in our communities back home. I imagine a world in which teachers are respected, trusted, and empowered to educate the whole child."

"My hope is for us for everyone who has attended the training to keep the fight. Don't lose your momentum. Even if you encounter hick ups. Know that what you are doing is worth the fight."