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Leadership in Science Education Prize For High School Teachers

Recognizing High School Science Teachers Who Develop Innovative Teaching Methods and Encourage the Next Generation of Scientists.

Deadline: Friday, May 27, 2011

This annual prize recognizes a high school science teacher who has contributed significantly to the AAAS goal of advancing science education by developing and implementing an innovative and demonstrably effective strategy, activity, or program. 

Entries must be able to demonstrate the results of an inventive teaching strategy designed to encourage a diverse range of students to become motivated, successful learners of the ideas and skills that are critical to science literacy.

Applications for the 2011 AAAS Leadership in Science Education Prize must be received no later than 27 May 2011.

To learn more about eligibility, prize details, and how you can apply for this grant, please visit the American Association for the Advancement of Science website. 


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