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Join the Hunt – Win a Netbook

Get in on the fun of this year’s RA Today Digital Scavenger Hunt and you’ll be entered in a drawing for an Acer netbook. It’s simple: answer a few questions based on the clues below and email us the answers. Deadline for entry is noon Tuesday. But the sooner you look for the items, the easier they’ll be to find!

Step 1: F ind the Seven Clues, Then Answer the Qs!

  1. We covered President Dennis Van Roekel’s stirring keynote speech this week on RA Today. Who was the very special guest he introduced at the start of his speech?  Clue: head to
  2. On the RA Today Facebook page, we posted a trivia question this week: In 1857, how many educators came together to found the National Education Association? Clue: head to RA Today on Facebook.
  3. On the RA Today Twitter feed we’re using one “hashtag” so everyone can easily follow the conversation from NEA RA 2011. What is this year’s hashtag?. Clue: head to RA Today on Twitter.
  4. When you sign up to get involved in NEA’s campaign to defend public education on EducationVotes,  NEA’s activism website, what is the first activity in the list of actions you can sign up to take? Clue: head to Education Votes.
  5. This week’s featured superhero on NEA’s Classroom Superheroes website is a custodian from Alabama. What is her name? Clue: head to Classroom Superheroes.
  6. An article ran on NEA’s Priority Schools Campaign website this week called “Morale Takes a Hit, But Commitment is Strong.” What three high schools in Dayton, Ohio, are mentioned in the article? Clue: head to Priority Schools.
  7. There was an article this week about the powerful interests trying to take control your pension, on NEA’s daily news website, Which Tennessee state senator is quoted in the piece? Clue: head to NEA Today.

Step 2: Email your answers to

Step 3: Be the first to find out if you’ve won by signing up for RA Today’s Facebookand Twitterpages. We’ll announce the winners there first, throughout the afternoon.

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