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NEA Standing Strong Theme Song

Representative Assembly Has a New Theme Song

July 02, 2011
By Cindy Long

At the official opening of the 2011 Representative Assembly this morning, hearts were thumping and blood was pumping, and not just from RA excitement. The new RA theme song, “NEA Standing Strong,” inspired and energized delegates with a message that, after a very tough year, was literally music to their ears.

“Standing strong, standing proud, standing tall…Standing up for what is right and true, NEA is standing up for me and you!”

Chris Bodden, whose company has been running the RA from behind the scenes for years, was also behind the music and lyrics of NEA Standing Strong.

“NEA has been under attack, and the organization has to restore its honor,” Bodden said. “We wanted a song that reminds everyone that there is no organization greater than NEA that looks after public education and all it stands for.”

The song title and lyrics follow the theme of the RA that was chosen by President Dennis Van Roekel: Standing Strong for Our Schools, Our Students, And America.

“We wanted the song to show the great work NEA is doing, how they’re fighting the good fight, and how the members are impacting the lives of so many students in so many ways,” Bodden said.

The Standing Strong chorus from the music video showcased five children from New York City’s Young People’s Chorus – Chloe Bodden (Chris Bodden’s daughter), Christopher Hall, Anesa Folkds, Brian Sussman, and Alphea John – all of whom go to public schools.

“The voices of the children really make the message hit home,” Bodden said. “I’ve worked with the NEA for many years, and have worked on a lot of projects, but this was by far the most meaningful. When I heard those voices singing those inspiring words, the hair on my arms literally stood up.”

The delegates also stood up when they heard the voices. In fact, they jumped to their feet, clapped their hands, and sang along to their new song that captures the pride of every educator who is standing up for what is right and what is true.

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RA Theme Song - Stand Up Strong

Written by Bodden Partners: Mal MacDougall, Tim Gilman, Chris Bodden
Composed by Brad Stratton
Lead Vocals By Kyle Gordon
Standing Strong Chorus Young Peoples Chorus of New York (
Chloe Bodden, Christopher Hall, Anesa Folds, Alphea John, Brian Sussman

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