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Tips for Reading Aloud

From PBS 'Between the Lions' Show

Here are some suggestions for giving and getting the most out of a very special time -- read-aloud sessions with your child.

Remember, it's never too early to start. Begin reading to your child as an infant. Even babies love to hear your voice and to look at colorful pictures.

  • Read to your child every day. If you can't, ask someone else to be your child's designated reader.
  • Try to find a regular time and a quiet, comfortable place for reading together.
  • Turn off other distractions, such as the radio or television.
  • Read slowly enough so that your child has time to take in the story and look at the pictures.
  • Children may enjoy holding the book or turning the pages. Invite your child to point to words on the page or help you read the words. Explain unfamiliar words.
  • Read with expression. Try creating different voices for different characters.
  • Encourage your children to ask questions about the characters, pictures, and words.
  • Talk about the story with your child. Did he or she like it? Why?
  • Your child may want you to read the same story over and over again. After several retellings, ask your child to tell you the story.
  • Older children enjoy reading aloud, too. They can read their favorite parts, or you can take turns reading chapter books.
  • Visit the Between the Lions web site ( for more on children and reading.


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