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Parents in the Picture

Graphic: Drop capital letter Often the lone volunteer in her sons' classrooms, Amy Anderson used to make assumptions about the other, missing parents—that they didn't care, or that their priorities were somehow out of whack. That was before she met Lorelei.

Anderson and Lorelei were neighbors on a military base in Wichita Falls, Texas, whose boys were friendly in school. Once, as their sons played together, Lorelei commented that she admired Anderson for volunteering at the school and wished she could, too. Only she didn't think she belonged.   Read story >

Act Now! Tell Congress to Help Parents Be More Involved at School

The Family Medical Leave Enhancement Act would allow employees to take additional leave, including for parental involvement in their children's or grandchildren's educational and extracurricular activities. Tell your representatives to support this bill.

A Portrait of Parental Involvement in Special Education

Special education teacher Elaine Mulligan has spent many hours on the phone, in parents’ living rooms and one-on-one with students outside of school to achieve the right level of family integration into the students’ day-to-day education.   Read story >

“I'd love to help, I just don't have the time.”

How many times have you heard that excuse? Now, you can you have a snappy comeback—tell your students' parents about "Three for Me," a PTA program proven to increase parental involvement.   Find out more >


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