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Full-Day Kindergarten

NEA recognizes that full-day kindergarten programs close achievement gaps between young children from minority and low-income families and their peers. By providing a solid foundation of learning to children from all backgrounds, full-day kindergarten programs ensure all students' academic, social, and emotional success.

NEA Tools and Information

  • Full-Day Kindergarten: An Advocacy Guide ( PDF, 957KB, 52pp) - NEA leaders and members with advocacy expertise created this guide to support members in their full-day kindergarten advocacy efforts. It contains research, policy recommendations, sample legislation, talking points, and lessons from other states that have successfully enacted full-day kindergarten legislation.
  • PowerPoint presentation ( PowerPoint, 929KB, 25 slides) - Provides key research about the benefits of full-day kindergarten and outlines the strategies and policy recommendations included in the guide.
  • Letter to the editor ( PDF, 27KB, 1p) - This model can be used by teachers, parents, and other advocates.
  • Kindergarten facts ( PDF, 73KB, 2pp) These fact sheets can be used to help others understand the importance of full-day kindergarten programs.
  • Policy recommendations ( PDF, 36KB, 2pp) These recommendations can be given to state-level leaders to ensure full-day kindergarten legislation provides the best possible programs to young learners.