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Member Profiles

Ann Kerzman

I’ve been a high school teacher for 32 years, and currently teach physical sciences and biology at Libby High School in Libby, Montana. I’ve served as a local Association vice president and state RA delegate.

What are you looking forward to in retirement?
First, I want to help my daughter get through graduate school. That’s what first attracted me to NEA-Retired, the very good rates for loans and home and auto insurance.

But I also look forward to staying involved. I’ve been a mentor for new teachers, and NEA-Retired offers good opportunities for members to share their experience with those who are just entering the field. The pressure on young teachers today is so great. . . .  A mentor can say, “I’ve been there, too,” and help new teachers see that if they’re able to tough out the first years, it’s an extremely rewarding profession.

My husband and I are also looking forward to finishing the cabin we’re building on Crystal Lake.


Barbara Stockman

I worked for 34 years as an elementary school teacher and school social worker in Michigan. I was a building representative for my local Association.

I’ve served on my local board and the state board of MEA-Retired, and serve on the NEA-Retired Advisory Council.

How are you spending retirement?
For recreation, I like golf and gardening and travel. But I’m a political junkie, so I love staying busy working on legislative issues through MEA-Retired. There are serious issues each year.

Health insurance co-pays are rising, and becoming difficult for retirees to afford, and we always need to be hard at work at the state legislature to try to keep costs under control.

My late husband, Tracy, was the first president of MEA-Retired, and his work inspired me to get involved. He was very dedicated, and I want to do what I can to carry on his legacy.

Johnny Davis

I taught high school English for 32 years, and worked as the English department head, at Baker High School in Mobile, Alabama. I was a local Association president, and am currently president of the AE-Retirees Association. I also serve on the NEA Resolutions Committee.

What do you like most about retirement?
I love doing volunteer work with disadvantaged kids. But as president of my state Retired Association, my real passion has been member recruitment, and a big part of that is getting current members active in the effort.

I take the message—my motto—to each school district that “membership development is everybody’s business.” I also like the message, “Each one should bring one.” That’s how you build real numbers. We have 24,000 Retired members in Alabama, and we’ll need every one of them, and more. It’s the only way we can carry on the political and legislative struggle to protect benefits and improve education. The best part is that it’s fun.

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