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All This Talk About Tech

When I created my first Microsoft PowerPoint presentation years ago, I was impressed—with the fabulous new program, and with myself for learning such a fabulous new program. So last year, the fact that elementary school kids (including my daughter) were doing projects on PowerPoint still had a wow factor for some parents (including me). But for many of the students—and teachers—incorporating a new program into daily learning was hardly noteworthy. 

Technology is a tool for teaching, not the lesson itself. I got that much. But we here at NEA Today remain impressed with how much tech is out there for educators to learn, to master, and then to teach. It’s not all downloaded into your brains, à la Matrix. Where do you find the time to learn this stuff? What are the best practices and products out there? 

Practical issues around technology in the profession will receive increasing coverage in the magazine. Please talk to us about questions, large or small, you have about technology and your job. You can e-mail us at, visit us on the Web at , or send us a low-tech but equally effective snail mail to our address at the bottom of this page.

And check out this month’s cover story to learn more about integrating tech into your classroom. Our fabulous cover person, Oregon instructional assistant Michelle Brown (doesn’t her face say it all?) and others will talk about getting comfortable with new classroom technology. It all starts  here.

Executive Editor Leona Hiraoka

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