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Tom Facey

I’ve taught high school and middle school earth science and biology, mostly in Missoula, Montana, for 31 years. I’ve served as a building rep for my local Association.

Why did you join NEA Pre-Retired?
I joined because in addition to all the money-saving benefits, I value education advocacy. We need to help education in every way we can. I served from 1999-2005 in the Montana House of Representatives to help give education a genuine voice in our state government.

I saw first hand the positive difference that retired education employees can make by working with lawmakers. We won some important things, like increased funding for adult education. I plan to stay active in state politics, and I would urge all school employees and retired members to do the same: as candidates, volunteers, lobbyists-whatever is the best fit for them.


Rosalind Yee

I taught for 33 years in Prince Georges County, Maryland. I was an elementary school teacher, a middle and high school English and social studies teacher, and a reading specialist.

I’ve served on the MSTA Board of Directors, the NEA Board, and on the NEA Legislative Committee. I’m currently president of MSTA-Retired.

How are you spending your retirement?
NEA has given me many opportunities to stay active in retirement. I’ve attended Education International conferences overseas and have worked extensively in women’s leadership training.

 I’m using skills the Association gave me, and it’s fortifying the Association for its members in the future. I also do a variety of other volunteer work, including weekly work at a hospital, but my main focus is on the Association. Making new friends by working with Association members is extremely rewarding and important to me.

Norman Poole

I taught middle school math for 30 years in Seaford, Delaware. I'm currently president of DSEA-Retired.

What's the best thing about retirement?
I enjoy it all. I retired in 1991 and I’m still quite active in NEA-Retired. Political and legislative action are always important for us, especially because our pensions are affected by the state budget.

 It’s not only important for us to keep working with members of our legislature, but also to continue recruiting new members into the Retired Association. I also do part-time work as a bus driver for an elder hostel. This allows me to meet hundreds of other retirees, many of whom are former teachers, traveling the country to attend various events. That’s been a wonderful experience.

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