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Engaged Parents, Families, and Communities

Priorities for Changing NCLB:

What does NEA propose to promote parent involvement?

No "if's, and's or but's" -- effective schools need engaged parents, families, and communities. In rewriting NCLB/ESEA, NEA places a high priority on programs that boost parental, family, and community support for schools. In today's complex society, promoting parent involvement can be challenging. There is no silver bullet. Schools need strategies that take advantage of parents' concern for their children. For example, research demonstrates that parent education programs, offered by Parent Information and Resource Centers, increase the likelihood of parental involvement.

For parents unfamiliar with the education system in the United States, programs that enhance their understanding of what is expected of them and their children, how to access assistance, and how to become engaged in their children's schools are especially helpful.

Programs and resources can help make schools the hub of the community. Tapping public and private organizations to provide a range of services and opportunities before and after school helps students and also draws parents to the school.

What does NEA propose to promote community involvement?

Schools and communities need a mutually supportive relationship. To thrive, communities need good schools and good schools need a strong and supportive community.

Schools need strategies for reaching out to local government, neighborhood organizations, social service organizations, civic organizations, professional organizations, minority group organizations, the business community, the labor community, and the medical community. Schools need to think broadly and strategically about how to build ties to the community and how schools and communities can support each other.