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‘That’s Mine Now!’

By Mary Ellen Flannery

The three words that still a student’s heart. (“Ma’am, don’t take it! Oh, please, no, don’t read it!”) Over the years, you’ve gathered enough treasures to turn Blackbeard green—including more than a few electronic noisemakers, funny “balloons,” funnier cigarettes, tiny cars, playing cards, and other distractions. They fill Friday boxes, if you’re nice, or end-of-the-year drawers, if you’re not. (Does anybody really keep these goodies forever? No, bigger people don’t have the right to just take stuff, says Norfolk, Virginia, teacher Janet Hellman.) Of course, some of you, as a point of principle, never have uttered the dreaded words. (“A gross abuse of power,” one teacher chided.) But for those who have temporarily confiscated an item or two, check out this drawer of keepsakes.

Mary Ellen Flannery

See for yourself the types of wacky things kids tried to smuggle in.

But first, listen to these stories of "unique" confiscated items. *Requires Flash 8.

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