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Message from the Chair

Preparing for Tomorrow's Challenge

Anthony Daniels Jr

When we chose to become educators, we made a commitment to serve others.

You’re already deep in the process of preparing as individuals to become the best teachers you can be by taking care of coursework, going the extra mile in your student teaching, and envisioning your future as an educator.

But we must also start preparing ourselves collectively to take over as the educators of tomorrow. That’s where your NEA membership comes in.

We’ve all heard the saying that there is strength in numbers. Your membership in NEA will make you believe it. With the power of 3.2 million members, NEA lobbies for pro-education legislation, protects the rights of teachers and students, and enriches educators’ careers with professional training and assistance.

But you might be wondering, why join now while I’m still a student? I think Rudy Ortiz, a Student member from California State University-San Marcos, answered that question wonderfully: “The NEA Student Program gives us a voice on the national level . . . We learn how to become advocates for our students and our profession.”

One of the roles of the Student Program is to help you get to know each other, to begin to think of each other as colleagues, and use today’s technologies to be efficient and connected. That’s why we’ve started a campaign on college affordability that uses text messages sent directly to Student members’ cell phones to keep you up-to-date.

 We’ve also started an NEA Student Program community on Facebook, where you can meet and keep in touch with members across the country, post pictures from your local and state events, and keep up with the conversation about our profession (go to and type in NEA-Student Program).

As your chairperson, I’m open to innovative ideas and solutions that will help us meet and stay in touch with each other. 

Our students will need us to be excellent teachers who stand together for public education. The stronger we are as a profession, the more opportunity we will have to help students perform beyond even their own expectations.

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