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Teacher Kept 12-Year Promise

She Attended Her Kindergartners' High School Graduation

By Sheri Green, elementary school teacher, Muncie, Indiana

Sheri Green and former studentTwenty years ago, I made a promise to my first kindergarten class. I said that I would be at their high school graduation, and that they had better be there too! They were the Class of 2000.

Before the graduation ceremony, I sent each former student a congratulatory letter and a poem I composed. Several of the students said it was my promise to see them through to graduation that helped keep them in school.

I make the same promise to each new class. Since then, it's been 10 kinder classes, seven first-grade classes, a third-grade class, and two second-grade classes, including the one I teach now.

Years before they graduate, I see former kinder students of mine at the mall or in a restaurant. They always remind me to attend their commencement. They ask me, "Are you still coming to my graduation?" With a heartfelt smile and a nod, I say: "I wouldn’t miss it for the world." The "promise" has blessed me just as much as them.

About the Author
Sheri Green teaches second grade at South View Elementary School in Muncie, Indiana.