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2017 Higher Education Emerging Organizers Academy application (MS Word, 17pgs, 143KB)

NEA Advocate Special Salary Issue

The 2016 NEA Advocate Special Salary Issue is here, and it does not include particularly good news for faculty who still struggle to pay their bills. Although state funding has increased over the past five years, faculty salaries have declined slightly over the same time period. Which institutions have the best (and worst) average salaries?

NEA Higher Ed on Capitol Hill

NEA Higher Ed members have traveled twice to Capitol Hill this spring — to urge reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (see here) and to support Senate Democrats' efforts to make college more affordable and student debt more manageable (see here).

You can help:

Urge Congress to restore the original promise of the Higher Education Act.

Ask Congress to take action on the RED Act.

State budget battles hurt higher ed

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's budget battle has reduced spending on public higher ed to ZERO, and some institutions are talking about closing their doors. Read more.  

NEA, AFT & AAUP issue joint recommendations for Higher Ed Act

The three unions, NEA, AFT and AAUP, representing more than 350,000 higher-education faculty and staff, have issued recommendations to Congress around the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. Those recommendations include measures to make college more affordable, and also to stop and reverse the trend toward contingent academic labor. Check them out

Also, sign NEA's petition to Congress, asking them to protect the public good that is public higher education.

Unemployment for Contingent Faculty

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García has renewed NEA's efforts to remove obstacles that stand between adjunct faculty and the unemployment benefits that they often deserve. See her summer letter to the Department of Labor. 

For more news from the NEA Office of Higher Education, go here.

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College Affordability

Urge Congress to make college more affordable.