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The War on Remediation

In states including Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Connecticut, lawmakers think they have the answer for students who need extra time and support when they get to college: Take it away. It's the wrong answer.

Get ready for NEA's Degrees Not Debt Week of Action!

Beginning November 10, NEA's Degrees Not Debt Week of Action promises an action-packed, information-packed week to raise awareness and provide resources about the student debt crisis in the U.S. To host an event, or find an event near you, or to find out about Week of Action webinars, visit the NEA's Degrees Not Debt website.

Student chair takes debt personally

Chelsey Herrig, chair of the NEA Student Program, graduated recently owing $33,000. Now she's advocating for college affordability through NEA's Degrees Not Debt campaign. Read more.

Congress fails to act on college affordability

A bill from U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren that would have made student loans more affordable was blocked by Senate Republicans. Learn more.

Help write the Higher Education Act

As Congress moves forward with reauthorization of the landmark Higher Education Act, the law that governs student aid and access programs, and sets standards for higher education, your stories and comments can help them write a law that makes sense for students and educators. Find out how.

Academic Freedom in the Age of Social Media

After one professor calls another a "back-stabbing sneak" in an email, he gets fired. Is that legal? Apparently so. In his latest column, NEA attorney Jason Walta lays out the state of academic freedom in the digital age.

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