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The Higher Education Act: What you should know...

As Congress moves forward with reauthorization of the landmark Higher Education Act, the law that governs student aid and access programs, and sets standards for higher education, find out what NEA is working for, on behalf of your students and you.

College Affordability: NEA Degrees Not Debt

It's been three years since student debt in the U.S. topped $1 trillion — and it's time to do something about it, a NEA member told U.S. Sen. Warren and Rep. Cummings in April. It's time to use our "people power," Cummings agreed. Read more. 

The 2014 Thought & Action

The 2014 issue of Thought & Action is available: Check out articles about sexual assault on campuses, and the relationship between faculty teaching and student learning. Find out if big-box stores are more ethical employers than public universities! Unpack the $10,000 degree and also the effects of large class sizes. Find out how to stop the corporatization of higher ed.

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College Affordability

Urge Congress to make college more affordable.