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Substitute Educator Resources

Here are some quick resources for substitute educators.


Planning Ahead for the Substitute Teacher

Suggestions to help you plan for the substitute teacher before you need to make the call. From NEA.
When You Have to Be Absent

A Reference Sheet for Your Substitute File

A quick reference sheet of names and procedures for your substitute teachers. From North Carolina Association of Educators.
Create a Substitute Info Sheet


Checklist Book

Available for purchase from NEA Professional Library.
Standing in Your Shoes: A Checklist for Classroom and Substitute Teachers


Training for Substitutes

Course provides online training for people seeking information and skills to be an effective substitute teacher. The course is completely Internet-based and can be taken at any time of day in the privacy of the home. Small fee to enroll. From Wisconsin Education Association.
Innovative Online Course Available for Substitute Teachers


General Information for Substitute Teachers

This online guide has San Diego specific information but also a lot of general information about substitute teaching. Topics include: classroom management, crisis intervention, Internet sites for subs, reading styles and strategies, and teaching strategies. From the San Diego County Office of Education 2005. (pdf file, 62pp)
Substitute Teacher Guide 

Lesson Ideas & Tips

Teacher Kits

Feedback, information, quick reference, and survival kit available through free registration. From, Family Education Network.
Substitute Teacher Resources

Survey Data on the Substitute Teacher Situation

Includes statewide credentialing, licensing, and training standards for substitute teachers as reported by NEA's state affiliates and state education agencies. From NEA 1998-99.
Substitutes: A National Overview

NEA Web Content

NEA Constituencies: Substitute Educators

Learn more about substitute educators, professionals who serve as educational bridges when regular classroom educators are absent.
Substitute Educators

Do the Right Thing

Promoting thoughtful respectful behavior.
A Substitute Talks About Abusive Language

Works4Me: Substitutes

Browse through practical classroom tips from teachers like you.