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NEA on the Definition of 'Institution of Higher Education': Retain Two Separate Definitions

  • NEA opposes proposals currently under consideration in the House that call for a "single definition" of an "Institution of Higher Education" (IHE), thereby making all IHEs, including for-profit institutions, eligible for a wide range of federal education programs such as the Higher Education Act's Title III and Title V.

  • Title III and Title V of the Higher Education Act are intended to foster development of public and private nonprofit institutions serving special populations and addressing national needs.  

  • The limited funds available for these programs should not be diverted to for-profit institutions, which, by definition, need to concentrate primarily on the bottom line.

  • Maintaining separate definitions for public/nonprofit institutions and for-profit institutions recognizes the different missions of the two types of institutions, while still allowing students at for-profit institutions to take advantage of federal student assistance programs.   

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