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Other Resources

Economic Policy Institute - Social Security recipient data by congressional district. Also check out EPI's online Issue Guide on Social Security, a downloadable resource with fact sheets, figures, and links to other publications on the subject of Social Security. This Issue Guide has been newly updated to reflect information about the recent debate over Social Security privatization.

Congressional Budget Office – This non-partisan office provides Congress with budget projections and estimates of the costs of legislation, including projections for Social Security. 

Government Accountability Office – GAO, commonly called the investigative arm of Congress or the congressional watchdog, is independent and nonpartisan. This report discusses how selected Social Security reform proposals might affect the distribution of benefits and taxes. 

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities – The Center conducts research and analysis to inform public debates over proposed budget and tax policies. A special report focuses on putting Social Security reform into context. 

The Fees of Private Accounts and the Impact of Social Security Privatization on Financial Managers -While retirees would lose benefits under the Bush Administration's privatization plan, Wall Street firms would enjoy a $940 billion windfall over 75 years, according to a report from Austan Goolsbee, an economics professor at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. 

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, a membership organization, works to protect, preserve, promote, and ensure the financial security, health, and well-being of current and future generations of maturing Americans. The Committee's Web site contains facts and figures on Social Security, as well as a series of position papers. 

Center for Economic Policy Research  -  Basic Facts on Social Security and Proposed Benefit Cuts/Privatization.

The Brookings Institution -  Op-Ed by Henry J. Aaron, Senior Fellow, Economic Studies.

Center for Retirement Research 

National Center for Children in Poverty - Report: Whose Security? What Social Security Means to Children and Families.

Democratic Policy Council report, Privatizing Social Security: Benefit Cuts and Increased Debt for African Americans

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