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2006 Sampling of International Activities

In many countries, activities are taking place that highlight the importance of teachers in the equation of providing a quality education to all children.  These activities are engaging students, parents, community and political leaders. 


The West African nation of Benin is hosting a national televised debate about the situation of teachers in the country. A film on the life of teachers in rural areas has been developed and is being shown. Radio programs about teachers are airing in local areas.


Converting Brazil's external debt into funds for education is the focus of organizing actions of the Confederçao Nacional dos Trabahaldores em Educaçao (CNTE).


Members of Parliament are joining leaders of the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF-FCE) in Ottawa for a discussion of the Millennium Development Goals.


Rural radio programs, as well as provincial and national print media are focusing on teachers in the "Education For All" goals in Chad.  The messages are developed by students, teachers and parents.


Students are creating messages and artwork on the importance of good teachers in the lives of students in Denmark and in the lives of their friends in developing nations.  The children and their teachers are seeking to set the national record for the longest poster.


A map pinpointing all of the schools that are run by a single teacher are being presented to political leaders by the education union, Confédération Nationale des Éducateurs d'Haïti (CNEH).


A presentation is featuring a panel of academics, media and civil society representatives to raise attention to the "Education For All" challenge.


The "Teachers Education Agenda" is being presented to education leaders and the public during global action week.  This position paper is based on interviews and focus groups on common concerns of teachers across the Philippines.  Photography exhibits, "Teachers at Risk" and "One Day in the Life of a Teacher," are traveling the country.


The Spanish Education International affiliates (F.E.CC.OO, FETE-UGT, and STES-I) are encouraging teachers to use Global Action Campaign lessons in their classrooms. The campaign in Spain is issuing a position paper on teachers and "Education For All."

Sri Lanka

Politicians and education officials are being presented a dossier about "Teachers and Education For All."

United Kingdom

Each member of Parliament is receiving a collage of a teacher, which has been made by students, to emphasize the importance of qualified teachers in the "Education For All" pursuit.