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Focus On Learning About Each Other

NEA Series Helps Educators Know Their Students

As classes become increasingly diverse and multicultural, it is progressively more challenging for educators to reach every student. The following publications were created to help educators better understand all of their students. Knowledge of students' cultural background, history, community, and the issues they face every day can help educators close the achievement gaps among different student groups.

Here are the 2007-2008 Focus On publications:

  • American Indian/Alaska Natives (PDF, 741 KB, 8pp) - Learning the Culture of American Indian Students: Two States Step Forward - Requiring educators to learn more about the culture and incorporate that into their teaching.

  • Asian/Pacific Islanders (PDF, 342 KB, 4pp)- Beyond Black and White: API Students and School Desegregation - How to incorporate API student issues into the national desegregation discourse.

  • Blacks (PDF, 391 KB, 4pp)- News We Lose: Black Student Gains - Why Black students, their teachers, and their parents must hear about their victories.

  • Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered Persons (PDF, 196 KB, 4pp) - In the Intersection: GLBT Youth of Color - Key issues of a uniquely vulnerable population.

  • Hispanics (PDF, 390 KB,  6pp) - Special Education and English Language Learners - Misconceptions surrounding language differences vs. learning disabilities. 

  • What Matters Most in 2008 and Beyond (PDF, 4.2 MB, 16pp) - This publication, titled "Focus on Tomorrow," focuses on voters and the issues, is a guide to the unique concerns and hot button issues affecting the political choices of ethnic minorities, GLBT persons, and women in the 2008 presidential election and beyond.

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