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Our Position & Actions on Union Rights

NEA on Workers' Rights to Organize: Pass the Employee Free Choice Act

  • NEA supports the Employee Free Choice Act, which protects workers' rights to organize and join a union without harassment or retaliation from employers.

  • America's labor unions have led the fight for working families, winning protections such as the 8-hour day and the 40-hour week, overtime rights, and access to health care and retirement security.

  • Today, the fight continues both to retain these vital rights and to ensure a fair minimum wage, and a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Unfortunately, anti-union forces continue to thwart workers' rights to organize by using strong-arm tactics such as threats and intimidation.

  • Every year, over 20,000 workers are illegally fired or discriminated against for exercising their labor rights. In at least one quarter of all organizing efforts, an employer illegally fires a worker for supporting the union.

  • The Employee Free Choice Act recognizes that our nation's workers deserve better. By protecting the right of workers to choose a union, the Employee Free Choice Act would help level the playing field for employees and would help ensure every worker the ability to succeed in today's economy.


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