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NEA Resources: Social Security

Take a Quick Quiz

Here's a quick quiz to test your knowledge and understanding of how Social Security benefits are applied to many public employees.

 Provisions Unfairly Target Public Employees

While retired public employees have their Social Security or survivor benefits reduced, non-public employees with private pensions get to keep their entire pension and receive their full Social Security or survivor benefits. Read how these provisions affect hundreds of thousands of the nation's public employees.

 Brief History of Pension Offset and 'Windfall' Provisions

The "Brief history of pension offset and 'windfall' provisions" offers some background on the Government Pension Offset enacted in 1977 and the Windfall Elimination Provision enacted in 1983 as amendments to the 1935 Social Security Act.

Real Stories About Real People

There are countless stories of hardship and some real tragedies caused by the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision amendments to the Social Security Act. We urge you to read about just some of them.